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What are the manufacture process of aluminum castings?
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What are the manufacture process of aluminum castings?

Aluminum and aluminum alloy materials according to the classification of the mode of production, can be divided into aluminum casting and aluminum processing semi-finished products.

Aluminum castings in accordance with the provisions of the industry standard in metal mold casting, including sand mold casting, pressure casting aluminum castings, aluminum casting wax.

If at the time of manufacture, plus some external force, the casting forming pressure better, according to the way of pressure die casting molds, including the following types:

1) commonly used in pressure casting, sand casting and metal mould casting.

2) pressure casting, low-pressure casting method (including the pressure is not more than 20MPa); in casting (pressure of not more than 300MPa); high pressure casting (the pressure above 3000MPa).

3) vacuum casting, such as vacuum casting method.

4) vacuum pressure casting.

5) vacuum pressure casting method. Such as vacuum die casting etc..

6) under pressurization solidification, solidification under high pressure casting (like liquid die forging method), the centrifugal casting method.

Die bonding agent, used in sand castings in accordance with casting sand molding, solidification method can distinguish: sand casting, shell mould casting, carbonic acid gas casting method, self hardening mold casting method and casting etc..

ress r��a �Νp�(gs, let the casting dimension stability, to avoid deformation, reinforced plastic castings.

(2) what is the solution? The casting is heated to nearly in eutectic melting point, then at this temperature for a little longer, and then rapidly cooled, so strengthening component can best be dissolved, save the state of high temperature to room temperature, this process is called the solid solution treatment. Solid solution treatment can enhance the strength and plasticity of the castings, alloy to improve the corrosion resistance. Solid solution treatment usually and solid solution temperature, solution three aspects of treatment time, cooling rate.

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